BizAv Services Ltd service provision levels in the areas of aviation compliance, quality (in the case of CAMOs and AMOs) and safety – collectively known in the EASA Air-Operations regulations as the ‘Management System’ are offered commensurate with the needs of the client, ranging from the initial (start-up) establishment of a fully comprehensive management system incorporating all of the compliance and safety requirements specified by regulation, to specialised support and management of the various individual components of an aviation management system including:
Creation and management of approved internal audit programmes in the areas of:

• Air Operations (Incl Parts CAT, AOC, ORO, IDE, FC, MLR, MAB, SPA etc)
• Continuing Airworthiness (EASA Part-M)
• Aircraft Maintenance (EASA Part-145, Part-66, Part-147)

The conduct of internal, external, FBO, AMO and Supplier Compliance, Quality and Safety Audits, either utilising the organisations dedicated management software, or fully independent recording documentation
Management System (Compliance and Safety) Management, including Administrative Support and recording systems updating and upkeep
Drafting and compliance review of company manuals, procedures and recording systems including Operations Manual A, B, C, D, GOM, SMS Manual, Compliance Manual, MEL, MOE, CAME, AMPs, Maintenance Procedures etc
Creation of management (compliance and safety) systems processes and process recording systems, including those for (this is not an exhaustive list):

• Occurrence reporting and administration
• Hazard identification and assessment (including hazard log/register)
• Risk assessment process and system
• Internal audit process, approved auditor programme, corrective action register
• Certifying staff authorisation system (part-145)
• CAMO personnel competence assessment process and records (CAMO)
• Company personnel training status records (separate to that required for flight and cabin crew)
• Documents drafting, review, approval distribution and amendment process
• Internal circulars, instructions, memorandums, safety notices production and administration
• Etc

Maintenance of Management System records, including management of the status of internal, external and regulatory audit reports and associated findings, observations and corrective actions.
Establishment and maintenance of management system performance indicators necessary to ensure full management team awareness of management system status.
Preparation for and achievement of supplementary approvals/certification including EFB, ETOPs, Reduced visibility, ISO 9001:2015, IS-BAO etc
Specialised support to the organisation Compliance and/or Safety Manager during start-up and heavy workload periods, both in terms of temporary resource enhancement and technical knowledge.
Training of client personnel in all aspects of compliance, quality and safety regulations and requirements, and their transposition into company level procedures, processes and instructions.


BizAv is able to provide highly experienced and qualified aviation auditors in the areas of Air Operations, Continuing Airworthiness, Aircraft Maintenance, FBO, AMO and Supplier Approval either as identified in your organisation approved audit plan, or on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis when organisation resources may be over stretched.
Audits conducted by BizAv personnel can be recorded either on any existing client management system software, or on fully independent audit documentation.
BizAv has a well-established and respected internal auditor training programme whereby client compliance, quality and safety personnel may become qualified approved internal auditors, using internal (and other) audits being temporarily conducted by BizAv auditors as ‘On-Job Training’ (OJT) until the client staff become competent to audit independently.


An Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) should include as a minimum, tools to identify, manage, and measure the safety risks that may occur during aviation operations. BizAv has long years of active aviation safety systems experience, and has helped clients establish safety management systems appropriate to the size and complexity of their business, and in full compliance with the ICAO and EASA requirements in this crucial area of aviation management.
The chances are that if you are already an AOC holder you already have an SMS framework, possibly including some policies and procedures, and which may have been sufficient for your needs for years.
Whether that is the case, or you are a brand new operator, BizAv has the knowledge and experience in the formulation of effective safety management systems to ensure not only compliance with the applicable regulations, but to make the SMS a real and effective process in your organisation, and one which evolves from a reactive response system to one which in time is able to predict, and then set barriers against occurrences and accidents happening to you, thereby protecting your customers, your staff, your aircraft and ultimately your business.
BizAv can provide guidance, installation, maintenance and management as necessary of the following as individual SMS components or as an entire package to an organisation (not an exhaustive list):
Production of a dedicated organisation SMS Manual and associated documentation
Safety Management and Safety Assurance Programme Components
SMS Gap Analysis and Corrective Action Plan
Safety Audits, Spot Checks and Evaluations
Creation of SMS Aims and Objectives, Safety Policy Statements
Establishment of organisation systems and Processes for:

• Hazard Identification and Risk Management
• Safety Accountabilities of Key Personnel
• Safety Audits and Inspections
• Occurrence/Safety Reporting and Internal Safety Investigation
• Safety Promotion and Communication
• Organisation Safety Training
• Management of Change
• Etc