Leadership and Team Management (LTM) Course – 30th Aug 2019 – Apply Now!

The course will assist participants to explore different leadership styles and their use. During the course participants will get tips on how to develop an effective and functional team. Candidates will explore common pitfalls and mistakes that create team difficulties and tension. They will also learn how to avoid/recover from such instances. It is factually proven that satisfied and motivated teams with a clear purpose, achieve better results.

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CV Writing & Interview Techniques (CVI) Seminar – 25th October 2019 – Apply Now!

During the seminar candidates will be given comprehensive knowledge and guidance on:-        How to prepare and write a quality CV;

–        How to handle oneself in an interview; and

–        How to manage common interview questions.

Seminar participants will also have the opportunity of a ‘question and answer’ session with a human resources expert.

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Aircrew CRM Courses on request – Contact Us

The air crew CRM courses have been developed to satisfy the EASA requirements related to CRM training. The course is conducted in a classroom environment by experienced instructors in both operational and academic fields. CRM sessions are conducted using factual occurrences, practical examples and with interactive activities. On the client’s request, we can tailor and integrated the CRM sessions with other recurrent training elements.

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Nominated Key Personnel (NKP) Seminar – 16th till 17th Sep 2019 – Apply Now!

On completion of the seminar, candidates should be well prepared to successfully undergo an assessment by the National Authority on matters concerning their respective roles as Accountable Managers, Nominated Persons and other Key Personnel with an AOC operator or organisation. The seminar covers EU, EASA and national authority law, regulations and requirements. References to Transport Malta – Civil Aviation Directorate (TM-CAD) and relevant Maltese laws, directives and policies will be made throughout the seminar.

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