Aviation Internal Auditor (AIA) Course

The overall aim of the AIA course is to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to permit them to conduct internal audits within an aviation organisation. The course will enable participants to plan, manage and conduct aviation audits in support of regulatory compliance or continued organisation improvement. Practical and interactive sessions are included to provide participants with hands-on practice. The course is based on the EASA regulatory framework and the ICAO oversight model.

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Aviation Security Training – Initial, Recurrent & Conversion

This course is designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of EASA AMC1 ORO.GEN.110(a) and ICAO Security Manual Doc 9811.

The objectives of the course are:

  • to raise awareness of the latest security threats
  • minimise the occurrences and consequences of unlawful interference
  • recap and review security-related response procedures

The course content is specific to aircrew and can be modulated to reflect the individual operator’s security training programme and requirements. The course includes an end of session assessment and certification.

The course can be delivered in a physical classroom or through synchronous video conferencing (SVC) channels.

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Leadership & Team Management (LTM) Course

The course will assist participants to explore different leadership styles and their use. During the course participants will get tips on how to develop an effective and functional team. Candidates will explore common pitfalls and mistakes that create team difficulties and tension. They will also learn how to avoid/recover from such instances. It is factually proven that satisfied and motivated teams with a clear purpose, achieve better results.

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Nominated Key Person (NKP) Seminar

On completion of the seminar, candidates should be well prepared to successfully undergo an assessment by the National Authority on matters concerning their respective roles as Accountable Managers, Nominated Persons and other Key Personnel with an AOC operator or organisation. The seminar covers EU, EASA and national authority law, regulations and requirements. References to Transport Malta – Civil Aviation Directorate (TM-CAD) and relevant Maltese laws, directives and policies will be made throughout the seminar.

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