“The fact that the training was interactive was effective. The course was very well presented. Well done :-)”
Air Crew Recurrent Course, Apr 2018

“I refreshed my knowledge on aviation security issues. Material was precise and relevant.”
Aviation Security Course, Jan 2018

“The most valuable part of the course was how and where to find the regulations and navigate my way through the EASA website. An excellent, well prepared and very well-presented course. Thank you.”
Nominated Key Person (NKP) Course, Sep 2018

“Enjoyed First Aid because it was tailored to Business Aviation.”
Air Crew Recurrent Course, Sep 2018

“I really liked the managing people part and the fact that being a leader does not mean you have to be perfect. I would suggest including more details in the course booklet. Well done, keep it up!”
Leadership and Team Management (LTM) Course, Sep 2018

“Both instructors were very experienced & knowledgeable on the subject & this was communicated effectively. The fact that both instructors were from industries that are relevant to the topic and to our work in health care.”
Leadership and Team Management (LTM) Course, Sep 2018

“From my point of view the Train the Trainer course was very effective. Very satisfying, learned a lot of techniques/tricks. The feedback about our presentation was very valuable. Thank you for taking good care of us.”
Train the Trainer (TTT) Course, Oct 2018

“There was a lot of valuable material presented for self-improvement. It helped me build my skills in delivery of CRM subjects.”
CRM Trainer (CRT) Course, Nov 2018

“I enjoyed the courses because of your spirits, knowledge, and your ability to give your information away. Good and clear English. Looking forward to seeing you again next year.”
Air Crew Recurrent Course, Jan 2019

“Great communication with instructors, sharing their experiences, involving attendees in their courses. Enjoyed the case studies used.”
CRM Recurrent (CRR) Course, Jan 2019

“I really refreshed and developed my knowledge. Great instructors, very professional!”
Air Crew Recurrent Course, Mar 2019