Our HR and recruitment philosophy is that Candidates are people with distinct needs and aspirations, they are not mere commodities.  We will work hard to understand who you are and what your needs are, thus increasing your chances of finding a suitable position both in terms of technical skills and personality.  We will be honest, open and transparent in all our dealings with you.



Where considered appropriate, or upon request, we are willing to offer basic career advice and ‘top tips’ as part of our service.  We are happy to advise on issues such as cover letters, CV writing and interview techniques.  Where more comprehensive assistance/training in the recruitment process is required we can recommend quality training providers.



  1. Ensure your social media footprint is actively managed (and protected) and that open source material is positive, non prejudicial and presents the right image: recruiters routinely access, review and judge candidates on their social media profile.
  2. Before responding to a Job Post ensure that you read and re-read (and fully digest) the Job Description, making sure that you match the key employment  criteria: knowledge, skills and attributes (KSA).
  3. Thoroughly research the company by accessing their social media platforms and website: ask yourself the question, “is this a company that I would like to work for”?  It will also assist you in writing your CV and will prove to be valuable if you secure an interview.
  4. Write a bespoke CV specific for each application.  Craft your CV in such a way that your knowledge, skills and attributes match the requirements as outlined in the Job Post/Description.  The language used should reflect that used by the Company in their social media and website.  What you are attempting to do is demonstrate your suitability for the job through your technical and soft skills ( communication skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, etc).
  5. Be professional throughout the application process, be accurate, responsive and courteous in all your dealings with the company. Provide the exact information requested (if the company asks for a hand written cover letter, then send them one) a failure to do so questions your attention to detail and ability to respond to simple requests.  Make sure that all correspondence are well formatted, grammatically correct and that there are no spelling mistakes.  ‘You are what you send’ – if your CV, cover letter and correspondence are all professional then the assumption/perception of the company is that you are professional and someone worth considering further.