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Dear Friends,

Just to let you know that BizAv Recruitment continues to offer a recruitment capability during these very challenging times.

In addition, we offer a broad range of wider HR functions to support both the employer and employee.  For the employee (Job Seeker) we offer a Cover Letter & CV Writing Service as well as an Interview Techniques Package.  For the Employer we can provide a comprehensive HR package to include. Induction, Employee Engagement, Performance Appraisal, etc.

We would encourage you to get in contact if you feel we can help you in any way.

We wish you every success in these challenging times. Keep strong – keep safe.

Nominated and Key Person Seminar 28&29 October 2020

The Nominated and Key Person Seminar is offered for Accountable Managers, Nominated Persons and other Key Personnel who occupy management positions within an AOC or aviation entity under EASA.

The seminar covers:

· Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/1139
· Air Operations Regulations (EU) No 965/2012
· Leadership & Team Management
· AOC Operations & Specifications
· Management Systems—SMS & Compliance Monitoring
· Continuing Airworthiness CAMO & Part 145

Dates: 28 & 29 October 2020

Price €744 per person or 6 person group price €2,808.

For online registration go to:

For enquiries email us:


Research. Thoroughly research the company, the vacant position and key personnel by accessing open source material, such as company annual reports, promotional material, job descriptions and company social media platforms and website. Get a good understanding of who they are, what they do and what they represent: this will assist you in writing your CV and to perform well on interview.

Confirm Suitability. Before responding to a Job Post ensure that you fully understand the nature of the job: achieved through research. Consider generating a table that highlights the key criteria that the company is searching for and which clearly shows that you match/possess those skills.

Social Media. Ensure your social media footprint is actively managed (and protected) and that open source material is positive, non-prejudicial and presents the right image. If your content is at odds with the company’s moral standards and ethics, they will discount your application.

Interaction with the Company. Be professional throughout the process: be accurate, responsive and courteous in all your dealings with all company personnel. Provide the exact information requested (if the company asks for a handwritten cover letter, then send them one) a failure to do so questions your commitment, attention to detail and ability to respond to simple requests.

Rehearse. Most interview questions are predictable and can be anticipated ahead of the interview, so research stock answers and prepare your own personalised responses. Practice delivering your answers using video and possibly asking a friend to act as the interviewer: role play can be extremely useful. Be mindful of not only your verbal delivery (volume, tone, pitch, pause, etc) but your body language (more on this later).

What to Wear. Select your outfit well in advance, so that it is one thing less to worry about. Dress conservatively as it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Avoid extremes such as wearing too much perfume or wearing too many designer logos.

Work Portfolio/Evidence Pack. It is recommended that you generate several evidence packs, which contain evidence of your achievements, examples of work and confirmation of experience. Ensure they are professionally generated and that the pack is generated in chronological order which matches the sequence of your CV.

Conduct on Interview. Your aim is to make a connection and build rapport. This can be achieved by being friendly, confident, energetic, positive and attentive. Make eye contact and use names throughout to make a connection. Listen carefully to what is being said and seek clarification if you do not understand what is being asked.

Post Interview. Consider your performance, be honest with yourself and identify were you could have done better. Make notes of the key issues and discussion points so that you can use them to write a follow-up e-mail, which is designed to keep you ‘top-of-mind’, to reinforce your suitability for the position and to restate your interest in the post. Finish by thanking the company for their time. If you do not hear back from the company within the declared timeframe, then follow-up with a telephone call.

The New Normal. The impact of CORONA upon recruitment will be long-lasting, where a greater reliance on video conferencing to conduct at least part of the interview process will become the new normal. Ensure that you are fully conversant with the software, that you ’test the tech’ well in advance of the interview and remove any distractions.


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Recruitment Webinar – Interview Techniques

Recruitment Webinar – Interview Techniques

BizAv Recruitment is pleased to announce that it intends to conduct a series of recruitment related webinars. In an attempt to reach out to and assist those currently looking for employment, we are planning to run a series of FREE recruitment related webinars to provide people with practical advice on how to navigate the recruitment process.

This webinar is designed to give Job Seekers a better understanding of the interview process and will provide practical advice/tips in order to improve their chances of successfully securing employment. The information gained could be the difference between success and failure on interview. The key areas to be covered are as follows:

– Preparation is King: research (company & position), generate bespoke CV, rehearse, etc.

– Conduct on Interview: dress to impress, body language, general attitude & demeanour, etc.

– Miscellaneous: interview follow-up, candidate key attributes, online interviews, summary & top tips, etc.

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Something we’ve been waiting for…

Great News! 

It is now official, Business Aviation Services Limited (BizAv) has been issued an Employment Agency License, having satisfied the demands imposed by the Department of Industrial & Employment Relations.  So we are delighted to be able to formally announce the birth of BizAv Recruitment (an integral division of BizAv) as of the 1st September 2019.

We at BizAv are extremely excited by this new venture and look forward to serving our future customers and candidates.  Our mission is, “To help our Customers grow by hiring the most suitable professionals and to help our Candidates by finding them the best jobs that match their technical competence and personality“.  We offer a comprehensive range of recruitment & selection capabilities, from which customers can select based upon their specific needs.  We will strive to fully understand the needs of both customers and candidates, looking to match the requirements of customers with the capabilities of candidates.  Our dealings with you will be based upon the principles of total transparency and honesty.

Simply put, we look to take the stress out of recruitment & selection by offering a high-quality tailored recruitment solution which is both extremely efficient and cost effective.  So if you believe we could be of service to you then please do not hesitate in contacting us at: or on 21470829.

BizAv Recruitment

We in BizAv Services Ltd. are excited to inform you that we are expanding our services to include a recruitment agency capability. After months of intensive preparation we have now formally embarked upon the recruitment agency license application process and anticipate being fully operational as a recruitment agency by 31st August 2019.

Founded in 2008, BizAv has been supporting the aviation industry through the provision of a comprehensive range of specialised consultancy services. We plan to apply the exacting standards demanded of the aviation industry, in providing superior recruitment services not only to the aviation sector but across all business sectors. Authentic in approach, we are committed to delivering a superior service and experience whilst connecting trusted customers with quality candidates. In addition to the sourcing of candidates, we can also provide a comprehensive, bespoke end-to-end package (including training) to take the stress out of the recruitment and selection process for our customers.

Our mission is simple; “To help our customers grow by hiring the most suitable professionals and to help our candidates by finding them the best jobs that match their technical competence and personality”. We appreciate how competitive the recruitment market is in Malta but we genuinely believe in our approach and are fully committed to satisfying the, often conflicting, demands of our customers and candidates.

Contact Jeff Cranmer (Head of Recruitment) for specific queries on | +356 7986 2582.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tax Benefits for Maltese Air Operator Certificate Holders

Since joining the EU, Malta has seen significant growth in the services industries namely in the Financial, Gaming and Aviation sectors. These services are playing an important role in the Maltese economy and various local governments have enacted legislation to support these industries.  As these services are relevantly new to the island, local know-how is not readily available and as a result the country needs to entice highly qualified people from outside the country. The latest of these Legal Notices is the Highly Qualified Persons Rules which include specifically the Aviation sector. Coming into effect on the 1st January 2012, essentially this legislation provides for a tax rebate to person employed with a Maltese Air Operator Certificate holder who are not domiciled in Malta. Effectively, ‘Eligible’ positions would pay only a 15% tax rate on their income in Malta if there income exceeds €80,100 annually. For our detailed report please send us an e-mail to

BizAv Achieves ISO Certification

BizAv Services Ltd is proud to announce  that it has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification following a long and  exhaustive evaluation process conducted by the Standards and Metrology Institute of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA).

Successful certification of BizAv Services Ltd to ISO 9001:2015, ISOs flagship quality management system standard demonstrates the organisation’s continuing commitment to the highest standards of quality and service to our clients, and the business aviation sector.  BizAv’s ISO 9001:2015 certification extends to the provision of the following services:

–              Aviation Consultancy and Management;

–              Project Management;

–              Aircraft Assessment;

–              Drafting, Reviewing and Maintaining of Aviation Documentation;

–              Compliance and Safety Management and Auditing;

–              Aviation Administration Services.

The total satisfaction of our clients has been the driving force of BizAv Services Ltd since the company was founded in 2008.  The formal adoption of the ISO 9001:2015 quality systems standard by the company serves to further demonstrate the robust and efficient processes in operation at BizAv, in ensuring that the service we provide to our esteemed clients remains to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.

BizAv Services Ltd – the name you can trust in aviation consultancy.

BizAv Gets IS-BAO Auditor Accreditation

The International Business Aviation Council has on the 16th June 2011 accredited BizAv and their director Adrian Spiteri with IS-BAO Auditor Accreditation.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) was formally introduced and made available to the business aviation community at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibit (EBACE) in Geneva, May 2002. IS-BAO was developed by the industry for the benefit of the industry. It is a code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve a high level of safety and professionalism. On the IBAC website one can find information on the benefits of IS-BAO and how to obtain a copy. In addition, the site describes the process used to keep the standard dynamic and current with new equipment and procedures. Flight departments interested in obtaining a Certificate of Registration will find information in the audit page regarding the process for choosing a Registrar and how to apply for a Certificate. The IS-BAO audit program commenced in the fourth quarter of 2002. IBAC has awarded Certificates of Registration to many flight departments that have successfully met the IS-BAO standard as verified by an accredited auditor.