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The Maltese advantage

The Commercial Advantage

  • Operating a business jet on an AOC, will allow the operator to sell aircraft charter to third parties legally.
  • Operating a business jet on an AOC, will allow an operator to purchase fuel tax free, while a private operator will have to pay tax on fuel uplift.
  • When operating commercially, an operator will get a VAT number and thus be able to claim VAT back paid on operating expenses.

The Maltese Advantage

  • A Maltese AOC is an internationally recognised AOC (EU OPS) of the highest standard in the industry.
  • Malta is an EU member and as such a Maltese registered aircraft has freedom of movement with in the EU countries, both on international and internal flights.
  • The business and legal language in Malta is English, a recognised international aviation language.
  • The current size of the Maltese register and Civil Aviation authority, ensure efficiency and a quick reaction time to all aircraft registration and AOC applications. On average a well prepared and supported AOC application will lead to AOC in approximately 5 to 6 months.
  • Initial and recurrent fees associated with operating a business jet in Malta are amongst the cheapest in Europe. Similarly, office and employment costs in Malta are also cheaper than mainland Europe.
  • Special VAT rules for Private Aircraft .